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“ Entire team worked so hard and I am grateful for your commitment ”

- Project Manager at one of the largest insurance companies in USA

“Senior management’s availability has been very helpful all through the critical stages….”

– Project Director at University in South Africa

“I particularly like the positive attitude of the team. In complex projects of our kind, it matters most.“

– Group Vice President of a major financial services company in Europe

“Their processes are thorough and methodologies are mature. Working with them is a good learning for our internal team. ”

–President of a major financial services company in North America

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Application Development

Designing and developing custom software applications is our forte. Styrone Inc offers extended value-chain to customers from application development to Business Integration to Application Maintenance.

Styrone Inc offers rich experience in providing Application Development services. Our value proposition is rapid implementation with reduced cost. More over, we help our clients gain the full advantages of scalability, focusing on their core business while still having access to the specialist resources they need, when they need and where they need.

Styrone Inc has experience in developing applications for several industry verticals such as Healthcare services, Telecom, Banking, Financial services, Insurance, Utilities, and the Government.

Styrone Inc brings global delivery model that integrates onsite management with offsite and offshore development, to deliver most cost-effective services to our clients. Our seasoned processes compliant with ISO 9001:2000 and CMMi 5, and we believe in adapting them to fit with that of our clients. For those clients who seek to utilize our global delivery model, we provide high-level design and project management from onsite/offsite centers, while our offshore development centers provide bulk of programming and testing.

Project Management

Styrone Inc' project management is based on the philosophy of continuous process improvements through comprehensive reports that aid business analysis and decision- making. Our streamlined project management is a direct result of in-grained structured processes and methodologies all across the board. The methodology provides a proven approach to project management, which includes:

  • Using various time-boxing alternatives to manage scope
  • Early and periodic evaluation of project through the process of reviews
  • Continuous involvement of the end-user
  • Dedicated full-time teams for key project roles

Further, the methodology simplifies the process of development by:

  • Providing for non-sequential tasks such as planning architecture and defining requirements
  • Focusing on business goals driving the need for use of technology and tools
  • Providing continuous knowledge transfer to the key customer personnel through documentation and participation at various stages of the project

Styrone Inc engagements are typically delivered by a global team with 15 to 20 percent of the team members located at the customer site and the rest of the team located at our offsite/offshore development centers. The onsite team interacts daily with the customer to define requirements, review prototypes and manage scope changes. The offshore team ensures quality execution at a low cost, as well as access to our technology competency centers. Onsite and offshore teams collaborate on common systems, linked by our global network. Our tightly coupled model allows Styrone Inc' team members to intensely participate with the customer, all through the project life cycle.

There are regular steering committee meetings (comprised of client manager, relationship manager and Styrone Inc' project manager) as well as daily/weekly and monthly status reports. Styrone Inc incorporates the latest communication tools including video conferencing to improve communicability and improve the clarity of communication.


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