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Clients Speak

“ Entire team worked so hard and I am grateful for your commitment ”

- Project Manager at one of the largest insurance companies in USA

“Senior management’s availability has been very helpful all through the critical stages….”

– Project Director at University in South Africa

“I particularly like the positive attitude of the team. In complex projects of our kind, it matters most.“

– Group Vice President of a major financial services company in Europe

“Their processes are thorough and methodologies are mature. Working with them is a good learning for our internal team. ”

–President of a major financial services company in North America

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Knowledge Management

At Styrone Inc, we believe in "knowing what we know and profiting from it". We, therefore, channel our energies in generating value from our intellectual and knowledge-based assets. Our Knowledge Management Initiative (KMI) focuses on achieving sustained individual and business performance through the synergy of people, processes, and technology, and by ongoing learning, unlearning and adaptation.

We have been investing heavily in creating a Knowledge Management infrastructure, with the belief that efficient knowledge exploitation leads to faster response times, builds a competent organization, identifies areas for expansion and leads to greater customer satisfaction. Through continuous knowledge acquisition, retention and augmentation, we ensure that on an ongoing basis best practices are institutionalized and leveraged to deliver value to the customer.

KMI Framework & Initiatives

Styrone Inc has adopted a 5-tier architecture for effective enterprise wide Knowledge Management (KM). Starting with the Knowledge Center (KC) at the top, we have portals for each business unit, account, project and team member. Local KM portals at each business unit level, help the employees collaborate effectively by providing a single point of access to Subject-matter-experts (SMEs), process/project teams, knowledge repositories and applications. Using these local business unit portals, our approach is to distill knowledge at the department/ team level before it gets published at the KC. In this way, we will be able to harness the power of local KM to enrich our global knowledge repository. Our reuse initiative will complement the KMI by encouraging employees to reuse the existing knowledge artifacts, instead of reinventing the wheel.

Styrone Inc strives to create a learning organization that adapts to changing business scenarios, adopts best-in-class practices and provides world class solutions to its customers. Towards meeting this objective, we have institutionalized a number of forums based on learning, sharing and collaboration. We also conduct a host of activities on an ongoing basis, to capture and manage the "tacit" knowledge of the organization at different levels.


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