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“ Entire team worked so hard and I am grateful for your commitment ”

- Project Manager at one of the largest insurance companies in USA

“Senior management’s availability has been very helpful all through the critical stages….”

– Project Director at University in South Africa

“I particularly like the positive attitude of the team. In complex projects of our kind, it matters most.“

– Group Vice President of a major financial services company in Europe

“Their processes are thorough and methodologies are mature. Working with them is a good learning for our internal team. ”

–President of a major financial services company in North America

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Solution Implementation

Styrone Inc offers implementation services for complete range of IAM solutions – including, Single sign-on, Role and Identity based Access control, User provisioning, Federation, Compliance reporting, etc. At Styrone Inc, our implementation methodology facilitates to demonstrate business benefits quickly to our clients. Accordingly, we typically deliver overall solutions in several staps/phases, so that clients have the opportunity to completely understand and assimilate the deliverables.

We offer several practice areas in IAM with unparallel expertise -

Enterprise Directories

Directories, also called Identity Repositories, have emerged as one of the most valuable core components of today’s IT infrastructure and they form backbone for any IAM Solution.

Most organizations store identity information about their employees and partners in many different systems: corporate directory, various enterprise applications (such as ERP), Messaging Servers, PBX, Legacy Systems, etc. Styrone Inc offers Enterprise Directory services to combine all the disparate identity stores in an organization via Meta-Directories, or Corporate Directories. Identity repositories are usually maintained with one or more LDAP-compliant (LDAP is Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) or relational database products. Enterprise Directories help increase the efficiency of business functions, such as quickly find subject matter experts, automatically generate org-charts, organizational management, and secure access to enterprise applications/resources.

Styrone Inc brings experience and best practices knowledge to create or update Enterprise Directories.

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Dynamic Provisioning  

Most organizations store identity information about their employees and partners in many different systems (mostly disparate systems): corporate directory, various enterprise applications (such as ERP), Messaging Servers, PBX, Legacy Systems, etc. Day-to-day events such as new hires, relocations, transfers, promotions, and terminations all require heavy administration support to ensure that proper user access rights are established and maintained. The problem becomes even more daunting in the face of major business changes such as mergers and acquisitions, divestitures, downsizing, seasonal hiring, or new application rollouts

Styrone Inc offers expertise to implement User provisioning solutions that automate processes associated with providing and ensuring proper access to IT and enterprise resources, saving time and maximizing efficiency. We guarantee one of the fastest Return-on-Investment (RoI) on dynamic provisioning in IAM solution stack initiatives.

We implement Provisioning solutions that allows managers to identify the proper resources and access levels for each user with simple technology. New users start work faster and current users have automated access to new resources to get their jobs done. Provisioning Solutions typically include -

  • Integrated identity administration and user provisioning
  • User self-administration
  • Delegated administration of user identities
  • Segregation of duties and compliance support
  • Integrated workflow

You could use the peace of mind by working with an experienced partner in implementing Provisioning solutions. Styrone Inc is your partner. Styrone Inc can help you develop policies for effective and secure user access that allows for automating repeated tasks – such as password resets, moves and changes – and even for automatically de-provisioning an account when it becomes unused.

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Access Control Solutions  

Businesses wage a constant struggle to maintain privileges to their IT systems in good shape. As organizations grow, the number of access rights for the organizations would grow exponentially. Access Control Solutions can assist you in structuring and managing access to your enterprise's critical business assets.

In a world where business systems are all too accessible, Access Controls provide policy-based control of who can access specific systems, what they can do within them, and when they are allowed access. Policies can be created, managed, and distributed on an enterprise-wide basis, or customized to meet the security requirements of specific applications.

With Access Control Solution, you can provide access to your systems and facilities- in a safe and secure manner – to your employees, customers, partners, and vendors.

At Styrone Inc, we spearhead identity and role-based access control to a broad range of enterprise applications, greatly reducing errors and corrective actions.

However, role creation is often a complex task. Styrone Inc brings its rich experience and best practices to help you implement role and identity based access control solutions – we guarantee you to reduce identity administration costs, improve end user productivity, satisfy security and privacy policies to reduce risk, and add flexibility to your strategic IT planning.

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Compliance Management  

Businesses are required to demonstrate compliance with various industry and privacy regulations such as Sarbanes Oxley, HIPAA, FERC, Basel II, Corporate Governance, SAS70 as well as several ISO requirements. As long as access permissions in an organization are based on spaghetti copy/paste rights assignments, it is impossible to produce useful audit reports and sure recipe for a disaster.

Styrone Inc has experience in providing identity and role-based compliance solutions and we produce audit reports on who has access to what and when; compare user access against policy; and automate remediation and corrective action. Styrone Inc has developed a suite of services to help you manage compliance while reducing redundancies and cutting costs.

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Single Sign-On (SSO) is supposed to be the ultimate benefit to be expected from an IAM solution, when implemented properly. SSO has the potential for dramatic cost savings on account of reduced load on helpdesk. When the organizations have a variety of web and non-web applications - using wide range of technologies, standards, frameworks, vendors – SSO is invaluable to IT departments by replacing multiple passwords and application logon events with a single, centrally-managed user logon (most realistically - Reduced logons, if not SSO).

Styrone Inc has enough experience to recognize the limitations in the path towards SSO. In some cases, SSO is not possible for multiple different applications because there are pre-existing business rules that prevent identical identity information to exist simultaneously in different directories. Also, some legacy applications pose limitations on identity management solution requirements. Further, Authentication can be very different among Web applications, Enterprise Applications, Legacy Systems, and homegrown systems.

Styrone Inc specialty is non-invasive approach to the implementation of SSO, to the maximum possible extent. Meaning, as little disruption to the existing systems as possible. This usually translates to lower cost of implementation and lower support burden on IT departments.

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Federated Identity Management  

To stay ever competitive, businesses need to share access to information resources and services with its customers, Suppliers, vendors, and partners in addition to own employees.

Styrone Inc helps you implement Identity Federation Solutions, which allow organizations to securely share identity information across security and organization boundaries. Styrone Inc' solutions enable businesses to quickly and efficiently provision and de-provision user identities of not only employees, but also of contractors, partners, suppliers and customers - in a flexible, secure, standards-based way. The key factor in federation is to keep the complexity to minimum. At Styrone Inc, we accomplish it with embracing Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) and Service Provisioning Markup Language (SPML) standards.


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