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“ Entire team worked so hard and I am grateful for your commitment ”

- Project Manager at one of the largest insurance companies in USA

“Senior management’s availability has been very helpful all through the critical stages….”

– Project Director at University in South Africa

“I particularly like the positive attitude of the team. In complex projects of our kind, it matters most.“

– Group Vice President of a major financial services company in Europe

“Their processes are thorough and methodologies are mature. Working with them is a good learning for our internal team. ”

–President of a major financial services company in North America

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Styrone Inc specializes in Enterprise Architectures and Enterprise Application Integration Architectures (EAI). This includes both the technologies and the agile methods to align, design and implement these architectures. The technology aspects are covered by knowledge and implementation of Service Oriented Architecture(SOA) and Event Driven Architectures (EDA). Both architectures are complementary. SOA is concerned with enabling loosely coupled, business level and technology independent access to application services. EDA on the other hand is focused at designing low latency, straight through processing of business events including coordination of different applications as services. Modern technologies to enable these architectures are based on open standards and are labeled as Enterprise Service Busses (ESB ) capable of accessing applications on standard application servers and legacy systems.

The project execution is done :

  • based on the continuous business alignment and priorities set by the stakeholders;
  • in an incremental and iterative way;
  • test and result driven with short feedback cycles to the stakeholders at all levels and development team members.
  • documented according to the principles of agile modeling.

Practically we can provide for an IT-architecture study, describing all the elements for an integrated information system aligned with the business priorities. This can lead to a Gap-analysis between the desired functionality, the existing systems and the new packages or applications under study. Optimizing and implementing the necessary technical IT-infrastructure is the next step. This will be done for the development environment and the final production environment. This can include the selection process of framework Software and designing a manageable production environment. Finally we provide for developing and testing the integrating code, using the right tools and proven incremental object oriented methodology. If the customer or the partner wants us to take the complete project responsibility, we are willing to do so. However customers and partners can always depend upon us for any of these tasks according to their needs.


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