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“ Entire team worked so hard and I am grateful for your commitment ”

- Project Manager at one of the largest insurance companies in USA

“Senior management’s availability has been very helpful all through the critical stages….”

– Project Director at University in South Africa

“I particularly like the positive attitude of the team. In complex projects of our kind, it matters most.“

– Group Vice President of a major financial services company in Europe

“Their processes are thorough and methodologies are mature. Working with them is a good learning for our internal team. ”

–President of a major financial services company in North America

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Solution Implementation Methodology

Assessment and Specification Services

Assessment and Specification is a critical phase in implementing a BI solution. A detailed study on the business entities is conducted to understand objectives, goals and pains, current infrastructure - which define solution specifications. The study is done through user interviews, process documentation and brainstorming sessions by our experienced team. The information collected is compiled to create deliverables such as business requirements document and report catalog. These deliverables are building blocks for the data model.

Further, there are scores of products in the market. Sifting through all the available solutions in the market space can be a daunting task. We have a good understanding of the majority of products and their makers. We work with your organization’s preferred vendors or best-of-the-breed, as the case may be.


The logical data model and physical data models are created using the information gathered during Assessment and Specification process by BI architects. Styrone Inc has developed standard model which are industry templates using experience gained in prior successful implementations. The design is a vital element to support your investment in BI technology.

Development & Testing

The custom development activities involve construction of Datawarehouse/datamart and creation of reports/dashboards according to the model and report catalog. Usage of standard templates and tools makes development lifecycle fast and cost-effective.

The unit and system testing is performed to ensure accuracy of the data. These tests are conducted using test plans which are created during design phase. After rigorous testing by the testers, work product is released to user-acceptance-test to secure sign-off, which will pave way to move the solution to production environment.


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